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Every person take pleasure in some type of music of words in his or her head.

Every person has music of expresses his or her emotional words.

Every person is an artist whether or not doodling lines and circles.

All things are commonplace through the human senses.

-- Larry B. Hunter's

Writing is an art. It does not require form or someone else to notice its words. It is personal.

-- Larry B. Hunter's
Larry B Hunter. Author

book “Living Purpose between Midnight and Noon.” And later that same year he signed his second contract for his book of short stories, “Life Tastes Better With God’s Humor.” Since then he published two outstanding books, "Somewhat Odd" and "Joshua Tree Library."

Larry makes it a habit to write every chance he gets. As time went on, he had other minor successes such as writing a monthly column for a Macintosh news group, having short stories and poetry published in minor magazines.

Throughout the years, Larry has written a spectrum of subject matters, including business articles published in "At Your Service," a newsletter-magazine in Pennsylvania; catalog copy for Schwinn Bicycles, New Jersey division; copy written for band name companies; manuals and advertising campaigns for non-profit organizations.

Larry signed his first book contract with PublishAmerica for his
Living Purpose between Midnight and Noon
Discover this powerful book, adapted from the author’s mind in the form of metrical language, this unique and passionately inspired book embraces a range of subjects that explore the infectious dog-eat-dog world where everybody struggles with something and battles it day by day. From the casual to the serious reader. It’s an awesome ride through its seamless pages, containing words that convey meaning, deep personal emotion, and a bold observation of the world that has always known change. Because of its everyday application of its decisive action expressions to the implicit gathering of its author’s mind-chattering thoughts, Living Purpose will become a personal favorite. You couldn't’t exactly call it a book of poetry, nor would it be fitting to call it anything else.
Life Tastes Better With God’s Humor
This book is a collection of factual accounts of life’s everyday annoyances that we’re not able to live without, nor avoid. Each short story has a fully developed theme of earnest topics written in a dramatic, light, and humorous approach to day-to-day living. In this book, you’ll obtain ironic facts about people, things, ideas, and other domestic comings and goings. It’s somewhat of a self-help book in a sense that you’re not experiencing the bric-a-brac in this world alone. What’s life anyway, if we can’t give ourselves permission to chuckle about ourselves and other situations that come to light?
Somewhat Odd
Everyone lives with their deep dark secrets, and I live with mine. Occasionally when I think about the things I have done throughout my lifetime, it paralyzes me that I ever engaged in such behaviors. I usually had grand illusions that everything was just fine with the world, although slightly twisted. At times I couldn't absorb points of reality and perspective from others because
I was usually caught up with my own monumental thoughts of what should be. But I had a sense of intuitiveness and lots of common sense that was and still is a driving force. Late in life I learned I have Attention Deficit Disorder and after that Bipolar, both interconnecting with one another. I truly believe if either of my parents or even a family member would have recognized my behaviors were somewhat odd, my life I'm certain would have been much different like night and day.
Joshua Tree Library
The Royal Library of Alexandria was the largest and most remarkable library of the ancient world. It functioned as a major center of wisdom, housing sacred writings, depositories of literature, science, civil architecture, known and less-known manuscripts and their authors. It has been reported that in 48 BC, Julius Caesar accidentally burned the library down when he set fire to his own ships. What no one knew was the intellectual evolution over the historical periods of time was preserved. The Windborne family, a powerful influential family, had a premonition that the library of Alexandria was doomed for destruction. All Alexandria's collections of scrolls were unknowingly removed and relocated to the JOSHUA TREE LIBRARY days before to a teeny-tiny metropolis called Windburn. Today, Windburn and its citizens are widely recognized for the preservation of all collective works in the world, both ancient and modern. Affixing what is engrained steadfast and profoundly into what is in everyone's heart and mind: knowledge.
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